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The Americas Army Mentor Program

What is the Mentor Program?
The Mentor Program is a program out there to help new, or older players, learn a map and more about the game. Basically we have one hour sessions where we go over a particular map and teach the ends and outs of how things go. Sessions are ran on the official Mentor servers and on the Mentor Teamspeak. We meet in the Mentor's IRC before hand to get everyone set up and ready to rock and roll.
Will there be any sessions I can sign up for soon?
Currently Mentor sessions are every other Friday, to sign up and learn when the next session will be, visit the Americas Army forums and read the post here: http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?t=289631
Hey, I know maps real well, can I become a mentor?
The Mentor Project is always looking for more people to join up and help out. There are certain criteria you will need to meet, visit this post to learn more: http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?t=290091
I want to know more! How can I talk to a live person about this?
That's easy! Use the mentor IRC. Many people in the gaming world have IRC clients they use for such things, but alot of our newer players don't, but built into Americas Army there is an IRC client, or from Americas Army's webpage!
So here is the basics, if you have an IRC Client, simply join the AA IRC at http://irc.americasarmy.com You can also use the AA Web Client by simply going to that link in your web browser. Once connected type in "/join #aa-mentors" without the quotes and your in the Mentor Channel!

If you don't have IRC, and can't use the web client, thats fine to, you can easily connect from your game! To do this:
  • Launch your game and click MAIN MENU
  • Click AA BROWSER
  • Click CHAT
  • Click CONNECT next to SERVER
  • For CHANNEL select #americasarmy (Or whatever channel you need.)
  • Click JOIN next to the CHANNEL you've selected.
  • Then type the following in to the chat bar : /join #aa-mentors

You can read more with the following posts available at Americas Army:

New Players Forum: http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewforum.php?f=75
Mentor FAQ: http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?t=289658
Session Signup: http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?t=289631

Other helpful links for new players:

AA Forums TOS: http://forum.americasarmy.com/rules.php
AA Game Manual: http://manual.americasarmy.com/index.php/Main_Page

Any other questions feel free to post in the New Players forum at AA, or our forums here, or send a PM to Silent Knight here at -LS-

Thanks for looking into the Mentor Program, we hope to see you for a session real soon.
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