1. Clan Name: Chaotic Viper Regiment
2. Clan Tag: [CVR]
3. Clan Site: http://www.chaotic-viper.com
4. Which game would you like to ally us in (Check all that apply)

* Americas Army Yes
* Guild Wars Yes
* Battlefield Yes
* Call of Duty Yes
* Source Yes

5. Number of members So far only 3 members
6. Game servers IPs (If Applicable)
Half Life 2: Death Match -
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare -

7. TS IP (If Applicable) chaoticviper.servegame.com:8767
8. Vent IP (If Applicable)
9. Why would you like to become Allies with the Lone Star Clan? I (Lunatic) have been associated with yall before. Former member of TX and have associated with a few of you on GuildWars. Y'all are a great bunch of people and are just as much against hackers/cheaters as we are.